I have not been here a lot lately, as we are all under the Covid 19 lockdowns and I have been focused on some other things. All Nashville musicians have been locked down, and all venues have been closed so no one can make any income. Since they are many that need help more than I do, I have stayed out of the fray.

But I have been involved with one thing, FACEBOOK LIVE, where I have reached a lot of new people for my own music and efforts, where I do two, one hour Facebook live broadcasts per week. Monday's and Fridays, at 10:00-11:00 CST. It has completely reinvigorated my music and seemingly has brought a lot of joy to other people who have responded overwhelmingly. 

Most every songwriter and musician worldwide are participating in these sort of things. There are millions worldwide and hundreds of thousands in the States. And tens and tens of thousands of all of us here in Nashville. The general public, shut down inside their homes seem to love it, giving them a respite from all the Coronovirus pandemic around them. Many performers will do their orignals, covers, whatever and put up "virtual tip jars" or push their web sites to sell their merchandise. Many are doing quite well.

Mine are designed mostly for songwriters, and people who have a passing interest in the "behind the scenes"side of songwriting and the music industry. Having been around a LONG time, I have endless stories to tell and MORE SONGS THAN I CAN EVER DO IN ONE LIFETIME.

You see, for over 20 years, I have been involved in the TEACHING aspect of Nashville and part of that is teaching the process of writing songs. I have done it thousands of times with thousands of people worldwide, through my workshop programs, my visits to many other areas, and people who have come to Nashville through my "SONGWRITER TOURS."

My shows are all THEMED. Each one representing songs I've written around that theme. I've done: "Songs of faith and rising above adversity" (good subject matter for now)

Funny Bone Songs (Humor based)
"Opening door songs (things that have been used for people's first times)
R&B flavored songs
Collabortation songs (talking about the co-writing process) 

It's a GURL THANG (Songs written with, for and about women)
"Truth is Better than Fiction" (songs written from real life and true stories) 
"Tina's Tunes" (Favorite songs of my significant other, Tina Swanson)

And on and on. So far I've done ten shows (one month) and I plan on continuing on after this ends. I have sevearl hundred I can go through before even getting into the lesser known songs in my catalog. 

My overall purpose is to present songs I have not done much or in many cases never done. Give the co-writers, most of whom are NOT PERFORMERS and will never have a shot at a cut, and to illustrate how I approach subject matter. I play what I want to and present the shows how I want to do them. I love it.

I am reconnecting with people I have not heard from in decades. My family in Alabama, distant relatives in Miss. high school friends, people who have no idea what I have been doing for 30 years, long missing co-writers, etc. It has been great reconnecting. And it has brought endless new people to me. Hit writers, producers, publishers, label people who might have known ABOUT ME, but not really ever seen me have become regular viewers. I have had interest on songs I frankly have forgotten about. 

It has reinvigorated people who might want to take a tour after all this opens up. 

And I am being contacted by others to do Facebook shows for other avenues, pod casts and other things that are all coming my way through the broadcasts.

It all underlines new avenues we all are having to develop in our lives. With the "new normal" of Social distancing and other real life issues we are dealing with, it will force those of us who are creators to find new ways to illustrate what we do. This is not going away. 

So that is what I am doing. I hope you can tune into the broadcasts. I plan on continuing them after the present crisis ends. No reason not to. 

I hope you are all well and as always remember, YOU DON'T CHOOSE MUSIC, MUSIC CHOOSES YOU.