Non-Performing Songwriters

As a non-performing songwriter you have the challenge of getting your songs out there and the process of creating songs. The good news is it can be done. Your time is tailored around you and your need to include such things as:

Artists – this is your way to get your songs heard. We can develop a plan on how you can target artists to best represent your songs.
Songwriting – co-writing is always important. Even more so if you are not a performer. We can review your catalog, identify gaps to round out your catalog, etc. Since I am a performing songwriter, we can write a song you can leave with and learn from.
Recording and Demos – when, what and where to record, saving you time and money.

Plan on a full day of information and learning advancing you by 5 years and have a lot of fun doing it. If schedules permit, we can extend your time to attend a songwriters night. At end of your day, you will leave with a wealth of knowledge, and more importantly a wealth of practical items you can apply immediately.

$250 per day
Contact me via email at  or phone (615) 417-7181
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